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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> if you don't have tickets to see the big playoff game saturday between the 49ers and the saints, kron 4 has a way you can go for free. >> and 49ers, their last
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practice prior to the big game saturday and the warriors going up the top man on their wish list. those highlights straight ahead. [ crickets chirping ]
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continuing coverage now of today's bomb scare in the bay. these still pictures you can see the aftermath, an accident shutting down a major freeway. as the suspects got to the highway 85, one man who just happens to own a security
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company saw the entire incident unfold. in an interview you saw first on kron 4, how he stepped in first to stop the suspects. snie just noticed the car driving erratically 60 miles per hour, shot in front of me and several other cars to get on the freeway. i could see these guys got up to easily 90-mile-per-hour and plowed into a van. both of the occupants ran out and ran towards the side of the freeway, and when they did that i realized they weren't staying for the accident. at the time i thought, you know, my -- my duty was to try to stop them from getting away from the scene and i -- i ran after them. i parked my jeep and i ran after them and ended up getting one. i showed him my badge and tried to get him to get on the ground and he and i started to wrestle and he was resisting and i ended up putting him in an arm bar on
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the floor and i decided to go ahead and call 911 at that point. about ten minutes went by and the saflly arrived. one of the officers came up, saw me with my badge, threw a pair of cuffs at me and i cuffed the suspect and he went on in my direction. i told him where to go and he went on and took the rest of them that way and they ended up getting the other suspect. >> you can find more stories and video on today's bomb scare and bank robbery. tomorrow's going to be a very same start as today. temperatures in the 30s in a number of places. the 3:00 hour temperatures in the low 60s. plenty of sunshine. just that unjanuary like weather we've been seeing so far. temperatures bay area wide for tomorrow morning as you head out the door, very cold. 28 up in santa rosa. 36 in oakland. 37 in san jose.
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right now winds are picking up a little and that's keeping it warmer in some spots. if the winds do stay up temperatures will be a few degrees warmer. into the afternoon we're going to be seeing temperatures in the low 60s. really nice day in our inland valleys. 68 in mountainview. also a few low 60s up in the delta region. 64 in san francisco. 64 in san rafael. this blocking pattern has been keeping us warm so far. you can see a break through one of two ways with this pattern. one, the storm can drop down the coastline or it can undercut the area of high pressure. when we see the latter that palestinianings us heavy rain. it's called an atmospheric
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river. it's headed straight toward oregon but it's been shown to be dipping down into the bay area. we will see at least some rain out of this. mild weather as we head into the next couple of days. temperatures in the 50s, more cloud cover. and then that rain next week. most likely on thursday we'll see that break through. 49ers fans, if you don't have tickets to see the big playoff game this saturday against the saints kron 4 is helping you out. we've giving away two tickets to one lucky fan. the entry form is on the left hand side of our website. in order to enter you have to like kron on facebook. demand for these ticket es are extremely high. we are the only television station in the bay area giving you tickets to help you get to the game. visit the facebook fan page now
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all right, sir. very few times can you say there was a slow moving nba game. tonight in oakland, brown probably out for the year with a torn chest muscle so he missed dwight howard who made nba history tonight. he had 45 points, 23 rebounds but the story really is his free throws. a 50-year-old record o-liberated tonight. howard kept getting fouled time and time again by the warriors. he was 21 of 39. the game was really slow moving. warriors tried to get tough down the stretch. 11 assists but then at the finish, missing the 3 and there's howard geb.
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45 points, 23 rebounds, 4 steals, two assists, two blocks and a record 39 free throw attempts all by a fellow who wants a bigger market than orlando. the wcc's premier rivalry tonight. matthew, the star of st. mary's from australia, ranked 21st in the nation. put the gales up by 14 and they just blew out gone zag ga tonight. usually you storm the court after a one point win but st. mary, they're looking for something to do. all it's going to take is one kid getting caught under there. but anyway, usf blows out portland. in this down year, cal may be top of the pack 12.
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we're at the pavilion tonight in colorado. colorado and utah make it a packed 12. harper camp inside mike montgomery's team stied with standard. top of the league. stanford against the other newcomer, the utah utes. johnny without a question the best player. coach in the back is all american to duke. turned dwight's power loose and there it is. 68-65. stanford is a winner tonight. next workout will be tomorrow at the park. >> it's been focused. it's been loose. both of those at the same time. please with our preparations and i think our team is -- goes into this game confident and bowls. >> the saints arrived in the bay area tonight. the last coach to lead the 49ers
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to the post season weighs in. >> if this game were played over there in the superdome it might be a little bit different story. but right now on this grass at sea level with a hupgly crowd, this is going to be anybody's game. i can't wait to watch it. >> all right. the sharks are cruising as a first place flip here. winnipeg first year back since they left in 1986. logan makes a 1-0 san jose and then andrew murray's going to find brad winchester in the 24 saves. sharks win 24-0. tonight as we've got 30 seconds left, here becomes himself. with your hair thinning -- with your hair thinning i've -- look at who they put next to me. can you see this? isn't this a ?
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